Sports Nutrition For Healthcare Professionals

About the Pogram

The SNHCP is a professional diploma that focuses on providing health care professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to work with athletes and individuals involved in sports. The program covers a wide range of topics related to sports nutrition. Through self-directed learning, case discussions, and hands-on activities, participants can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective sports nutrition guidance Objectives of the program By the end of the program, participants will be qualified to provide nutrition advice and guidance to athletes to optimize their performance. Participants will be able to translate sports nutrition research into practical applications based on the type of training athletes undergo. This program promotes active learning, collaboration, and practical application of sports nutrition principles in real-life scenarios.The program aims to help participants develop teamwork skills, practice helpful nutritionist-physician interaction, think creatively, and develop practical skills.

Program Duration:

The program consists of 4 modules, each worths 48 hours (24 sessions).The target group for the program is a wide range of healthcare professionals interested in learning about the role of nutrition in boosting the performance of athletes.

The cost per course is 11,500 EGP

The deadline of registration is mid-December

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