The German International University  offers German Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees and applies rules and regulations of university Admission in Germany (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”)

Pre-Admission Information

1. Online application

  • Students applying for the GIU must complete their online application to proceed with their Admission process
  • Upon filling the online application, student will get their GIU unique application number
  • Once student fills the online application, s/he will receive the Admission Test invitation to reserve the Admission Test session online
  • Students graduated from German schools are exempted from the admission Test
  • Once student makes the reservation, a confirmation email will be automatically sent with test date and time
  • Students must follow the instructions written in the test confirmation email very carefully

2. GIU Admission tests

It is our vision to attract students with the highest potentiality from school graduates and to build on their points of strength. This will be reflected in the evaluation process including scores in the GIU Admission exams in addition to the evaluation of high school certificates
Reasoning Test:
Duration: 50 minutes.
Details: Questions are classified into categories according to their types namely: verbal comprehension and relationships, induction, facts and results, deduction and discovery
Computerized English Language Test
Duration: 45 minutes.
Details: Made up of 3 sections: language use, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. It aims at finding out whether the student can study without difficulty in a university where the language of instruction is English; in other words whether the students can understand lectures delivered in English, and read textbooks and lecture notes written in English.
Those who do not pass the test will have the chance to repeat the test only one more time for free.
On the date of the Admission test, the student MUST arrive at the University at least ONE HOUR before the Session Time in order to complete the registration process for the test; the student should head to the Admission Office upon arrival and bring the following documents with him/her:
  1. Copy/original of birth certificate
  2. Student’s ID card or passport + a copy ( no student will be allowed to enter the admission exam unless he/she has an identification card)
  3. Copy of legal guardian’s ID or passport
  4. Test fees 1000 LE non refundable.
  5. Copy of final High school certificate ( if available )
For students applying for the GIU Design Programs, passing an aptitude test will be requested.
For students applying for the GIU Faculty of Architectural Engineering, passing an aptitude test will be requested.

3. Certificate Evaluation, Study Offer and Categories

Students who have received their high school results are requested to bring them in order to receive the final study offer.
Students will be requested to fulfill minimum admission requirements as announced by GIU Admission office in order to be included in ranking for acceptance in the requested program of study.
Acceptances will be based on the ranking by selecting highest scores for each program of study and according to the obtained high school certificate.
It is the student’s responsibility to complete the required documents as requested; any incomplete file will lead to incomplete registration at GIU 

4. Payment Procedures

All details will be sent by email from GIU Admission Office.

5. Language Tests

After receiving the Final Study Offer and paying the down payment, students are required to take the GIU AS Placement Diagnostic exam to find out their level of Academic skills proficiency.
No student will be allowed to reserve a Placement Diagnostic exam session unless his/her photo is submitted.
Students who have any background or knowledge of the German Language and want to skip the introductory level, must take another German Placement Test
German Placement Exam (optional)
  • All students admitted to GIU must take German Language mandatory courses
  • Students, who are applying to GIU and who have any background or knowledge of the German Language, should state their knowledge level of the German language in their online application (ex. Excellent, good or fair).
  • These Students will receive an invitation e-mail for the German Language Placement Test where they can reserve a place in one of the offered sessions.

6. Medical check-up

As a part of completion of Admission requirements, all students have to sit for the GIU medical check-up.
Invitation emails will be sent with all details and requested documents.
Students who fulfilled the following steps will be receiving the invitation for the medical check-up with all details:
  • Passed Admission tests
  • Evaluated accepted
  • Received final study offer
  • Paid down payment

7. Issue of Student ID and GIU email account

After paying the down payment, the student will proceed to receive his/her ID and the GIU email account.
To issue the final University ID, all of the following steps must have been fulfilled:
  1. Passed the admission tests
  2. Evaluated and accepted
  3. Received the Final Study Offer
  4. Paid down payment
  5. Submitted a recent photo (not older than one year)
  6. Sat for English Placement Diagnostic exam
  7. Completed the medical check-up