Finyology Competition Winners

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

“Finyology- FinTech for Youth” is an initiative by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) that has the aim of fostering young talents and inspiring university students from different related majors to conduct FinTech projects and innovative solutions.  

FinTech for Youth Initiative is a Competition organized by the Central Bank and the Egyptian Banking Institute that asks students to prepare a project on FinTech. GIU students were able to provide a FinTech solution to one of the problematic issues in Egypt.


It was no surprise that the GIU participants made us all proud and were one of winning teams of the competition. Among 10 teams, our students were able to prove themselves and stand out in the competition.

These competition participants are third year Business Administration students majoring in Finance, Banking & Accounting in the Corporate Finance Course under the supervision of Dr. Amira Tarek.


GIU would like to congratulate the winning team that consisted of:

Menna Khaled

Sandra Essam

Hala Mohamed

Farah Emad

Nadine Wael


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