Outstanding Exhibition of 2nd Semester Second Semester Architecture Engineering program students

Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Architecture Engineering Program Exhibition showcases the outstanding achievements, talent and work undertaken by our students over the academic year 2021/2022. During the making process, students explored different ways to transform abstract notions and ideas into tangible architectural forms. This was done through a set of courses that they went through, that enabled them to have this impressive output.


In the Design Studio I and II courses, the students were taught the essential aspects of Architectural Design: from background research, information gathering and site analysis, through conceptualization, creating a building program and complete a preliminary and final design of a given building using presentation skills of drawing and physical modeling. 


Additionally, Architectonics I and II courses were mainly focusing on basic orthographic drawing skills, building physics, materials and systems. Thus, the students were exposed to the technical part of Architecture, where they developed a deep understanding to special building elements like staircases, doors, and windows. 


Also doing the Manual Visualization course the students were introduced to the tools and methods of presentation. The course focuses on manual visualization with its diverse approaches and concepts. Students were trained to visualize their design ideas manually using multiple mediums and techniques. Fundamental design elements were introduced including: scale, movement, visual experience, texture, color, light and form.


Moreover, the Descriptive Geometry Course mainly taught the students how to execute orthographic projections, pictorial drawings, and sectional views. Students practiced methods of constructing perspectives and axonometric views to represent 3D objects in space. The students designed a composition consisting of a set of modules varying in shape and size. The second phase of the project was to start by drawing an exploded isometric view + one-point perspective 3D section of the composition with integrating of a conceptual narrative which incorporates form, space and movement.


Finally the 3D-Model-making course focused on the techniques and methods of model making as a tool for design thinking and development with the exposure of diverse materials. The students developed manual skills, hand-to-eye coordination and which improved the visual and technical standards. 


The main focus and aim of the Architectural Engineering program is the transfer of skills derived from the different courses. This is mainly reflected on all outcomes, and how students are learning through practice, experimenting with process. This is how the students gain experience in both individual and collaborative projects, engaging with their staff and colleagues. This is how a strong emphasis in our studios is on socially engaged architecture, art and design applied to both local and global contexts.


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