DIOR x GIULAB @ Cairo Fashion Week : Miss Dior, Whose Dior

Date: Thursday, February 29, 2024

‘Miss Dior, Whose Dior?’

A Tribute to Doria Shafik


In a groundbreaking collaboration between the German International University New Administrative Capital (GIU) and the fashion house of Dior, GIU students have unveiled a stunning homage to the late inspirational icon Dorriya Shafik. Led by the visionary creative director, GIU faculty member “Kegham Djeghalian”, and massively supported by a team of academics including “Franziska Englberger, Miro Leczek, Youmna Ahmed, Farah Gamal and Mennatallah M. Mahmoud and Mahmoud Abo Elnaga”  in the workshops and more.  The student collection presents Shafik reimagined as 'Miss Dior,' intertwining elements of Egyptian heritage and contemporary haute couture.


The unveiling took place at the Fashion District of Cairo Design Week, igniting a cultural dialogue and sparking intrigue among attendees. The project, aptly titled 'Miss Dior,' transcends traditional fashion boundaries, delving into broader interdisciplinary topics such as Egyptian history, feminism, civil rights, botany, Egyptology, and craftsmanship.


"Dorriya was a pioneer, someone who needs to be revived and remembered. I’m not interested in the mere aesthetic aspect of fashion; I approach it from a cultural studies point of view, which is why much of this project was research-based," remarked Djeghalian, shedding light on the deeper narrative behind the collection.


The collaboration between GIU and Dior aims to establish a laboratory for rigorous experimentation, reflection, and exploration in the field of fashion, rooted in the rich tapestry of Egyptian context. Through 'Miss Dior,' students have embarked on a journey to redefine the intersection of fashion and cultural identity.

A shout out to our students Designers: 

Alia Assem

Farah Elkhouly

Farah Gamal

Habiba Saad

Kanzy Essam

Marwa Ibrahim

Menna-Allah Tarek

Merhan Amer

Nada El Bahar

Nayera Dawood

Nourhan Zaytoon

Sama Sayed

Toka Mahmoud

Mennatallah Mahmoud

Yara Amer

Youmna Hilmy

Youssef Tawakol



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