GIU X Egyptian Clothing Bank: Fashion Design Students Transform Waste into Good Taste

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

In a remarkable collaboration between the German International University (GIU) and the Egyptian Clothing Bank, fashion design the students of the Faculty Of Desgin – fashion design major showcased their innovative designs at the "From Waste To Good Taste" event held at El Hangar Downtown showroom. Under the guidance of course director Thomas Hill, Associate Professor of Conceptual Design and Sustainability, the fourth-semester fashion design students undertook a journey of creativity and sustainability.


The event's concept, "sensuality," focused on engaging all five senses, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion design. Each student, including Sedra Mazen, Niveen Ehab, Jana Assad, Maya Maged, and Shaden Hatem, brought their unique touch to the project. Utilizing old and unused clothing donated by the Egyptian Clothing Bank, the students crafted new garments that not only embodied sensuality but also promoted sustainability and upcycling.

With a diverse selection of designs, featuring different fabrics, textures, and colors, the students demonstrated their creativity and commitment to transforming waste into fashion statements. From elegant evening gowns to edgy streetwear, each piece showcased the students' ingenuity in repurposing materials to create something new and stylish.


The goal of this project was to promote sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of upcycling in the fashion industry. By collaborating with the Egyptian Clothing Bank, our students were able to turn discarded clothing into unique and fashionable garments, highlighting the potential for creativity and innovation in sustainable fashion.


Throughout the project, teacher assistants Nadeen Nour El Dein and Marwa Ibrahim provided guidance and support, helping the students bring their designs to life. Their dedication and expertise contributed to the success of the event, inspiring both students and attendees alike.


As the "From Waste To Good Taste" event came to a close, it left a lasting impression on the fashion industry, showcasing the transformative power of sustainable design. Through their collaboration with the Egyptian Clothing Bank, GIU's fashion design students proved that style and sustainability can go hand in hand, paving the way for a more environmentally conscious future in fashion.


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